Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hot Mamma and the Three Little Girls

I recently had the privilege to do a photo shoot for one of my sister's dear friends just before she had her new baby girl. I made an unplanned trip to St. Paul and was so lucky to catch her before baby Astrid was born. Her sisters Eloise and Esther were already quite enamored with her.

The photos will speak for themselves, so I won't bore you with any unnecessary narrative. Let's just say these girls are flippin' adorable and leave it at that.

You can find Tracy HERE. The only way these pictures could have turned out better is if Tracy had taken them herself, because as you will see on her blog she's got the knack too.
Thank you for the opportunity to help capture your memories. It's what I love most about what I do.

1 comment:

Tracy said...

ACK OMG I LOVE THEM. YOU are amazing!!!!!
email me your addy btw