Tuesday, November 4, 2014


Our family hunts; birds, deer, elk, moose...Dad has passed on his knowledge and techniques through two generations, so far. Growing up we always had venison in the freezer, and processing and packaging it is a family affair.

We cut up our own deer, and bring part of it to a local meat locker to have it mixed with beef for ground meat. The rest is cut up into tenderloins, pounding steaks, and stew meat.

Thanks to a City bow hunt that Dad participated in this fall, we have already been able to eat some fresh venison steaks and burgers, but there is still room in the freezer for more!  Deer sticks and summer sausage are my favorites, so I'm hoping the next deer we get will be dedicated to them.

The kid finally learned the wrapping process, and was in charge of tape.  

Dad made this handy dandy paper cutter many years ago, and was in charge of ripping off just the right size sheets of freezer paper.

Mmmm...tenderloins.  These will be made into Swiss Steak with Mushrooms very soon.

We started hunting with Dad last year, and though we didn't see a thing, learning patience and enjoying some bologna sandwiches and Pringles in the deer stand was sure fun.  This year we will hopefully get to enjoy the full hunting experience, from shooting to eating.

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