Friday, June 3, 2011

The Graduate

It seems like just yesterday your Grandma got the call that you had arrived.  We all jumped in the car and raced to the hospital to meet you.  I brought you a giant teddy bear and some flowers for your mom and probably a great big balloon.  Being the first grandchild in the Hanson family, this was beyond a special occasion.

I can't explain to you how proud I am of the young man you have become.  Always ready with a hug for your aunt, and everyone else, though most kids grew out of that phase years ago and wouldn't be caught dead showing affection in front of their friends.  You are smart, and generous, and kind to your cousins.  You work hard with your dad building houses (including mine) and excel at school and sports.  You watch out for your little sister, even though at times you fight.  I went through it all with your dad, I can relate.

Tomorrow you will graduate from high school.  Forgive me in advance if I cry and embarrass you a little, I'm just so happy that you have done so well, and beyond proud to have you as my nephew.

Love you, Kaleb.

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Rachelle said...

Congrats to Kaleb! Well written and heart felt. Loved it. :o)