Saturday, May 15, 2010

I Just Couldn't Stand It Any More

I don't care if I have to bring things in and out, and in and out again, every single day for the next month.  Or two.  I don't care if my garage is crowded with plants and there's water and a little dirt on the floor.  I don't even care if it snows again, because we all know, it probably will.

It was time to get the plants.  My skin was starting to itch and every time I had to just "drive past" a greenhouse I started to shake a little.  Seriously.

This afternoon I bribed Riley into coming with me to my favorite greenhouse south of town, Nature's Edge, by having a nice cold pop ready for him when I picked him up from school, and reminding him that he would get to visit with the resident Basset Hounds.  Score.

Upon walking into their massive greenhouse I stood with my mouth hanging open at the beauty of it all, bombarded by the smell of dirt and sweet alyssum and fragrant pansies in tons of fun colors.  Oh how would I ever decide?

I went with an old favorite, Calibrachoa (otherwise known as Million Bells), which shows up in new colors every year.  I got my favorite, pink with yellow centers, which Lewi seemed to like too, even if it's only through the porch window...

My signature color, to the chair cushions my sweet sister gave me for our new patio furniture, they look perfect.

And one with a mixture of yellow, orange and red calibrachoa.

Of course I had to get a flat of assorted goodies.  I laughed at the owner when he said, "Here's A FLAT for you".  Like one is ever enough.  I did hold back a bit though, since I wanted to spend the bulk of my allowance on giant baskets. And because I will probably be making at least 3 or 8 more trips out there this year.

Assorted pansies, white alyssum, spearmint, yellow pear tomatoes, and chocolate peppers.  Yep, CHOCOLATE.  I attempted to start a bunch of different varieties of tomato plants this year, but none of them seemed to like me.  I bought my dad some chocolate cherry tomato plants last week, so we are all set. There's also a pot of black cat petunias with yellow centers in there that Riley picked out, sorry you can't see them, they are totally cool.  Or so he said when he told me we needed to get them. That's my boy.

It's amazing to see the new varieties of plants they come out with each year.  It almost makes me wish I would have studied to be a horticulturist, instead of an accountant.

Please stop laughing...

I always buy tried and true favorites and add a few crazy things into the mix, because how will you know if you like something until you try it?  Kind of like my experience with brussel sprouts at Easter. (P.S. I love them).

And I finally bought myself a giant pink Bleeding Heart plant.  The one at my sister's is so amazing every Summer, I needed one in my yard too.

Riley also found this rooster, on a shtick, to shtick in the yard.  Somehow he's even funner because he's on a shtick, don't you think?

He will be hidden in the back of my closet until it's time to wrap him up and give him to Grandma Diane for her birthday in a couple of months.  She digs roosters.

I hope you are having as much fun this Spring as I am, even if it has been slow to get here.



Rachelle said...

Heather~ I'm cracking up as I sit and look at my own hanging basket of calibrachoa (million bells) sitting in my front porch. Loved this post! I also enjoy Nature's Edge. We need to flower shop together, my dear. Thrifty White has some nice things right now. If you have a moment, you should stop there. Your pictures were so fun to see. Love the furniture and cushions. :o)


I think you and I bought the same pink basket last year too! I am going to try to sneak over to Thrifty on my break today. You will have to come over when it gets warmer and have wine with me on my porch!

Rachelle said...

I love calibrachoa too! Pretty pics!

Rachelle said...

Yes, I would love to visit your home. I want to have you come here too! We need some warm weather so we can sit on our patios!