Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter With My Seaster

This year we will get to celebrate Easter with my sister and her family.  Last year was pretty much a let down; I didn't have Riley that day and my sister and brother weren't in town, so I decided to take my parents out for brunch to the local Country Club.  Let's just say it's not our scene, although the Mimosas were pretty good.  The hardest part was no leftovers for ham sandwiches later on.  We had to settle for deviled eggs and some chocolate dipped strawberries that I whipped up for a yummy dessert.  Not quite the same as our traditional leftover feast.

But we will have all the fixins this year; ham, scalloped potatoes, fresh asparagus, I'm even going to be brave and try brussel sprouts, which are about the only veggie my mom wouldn't cook and MAKE us eat when we were kids, because she hated them.  I bet they will be yummy if my sister cooks them though.

I will be getting pies from our favorite pie place (which of course I can't tell you) so we don't have to mess with dessert.  There will be some shopping, and much drinking of wine, and I'm sure a nap at some point.  My idea of the perfect holiday.

Happy Easter to you all!

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