Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I'm Sure My Neighbors Think I'm Crazy

The last time I jumped up and down at my mailbox and let out a little shriek was when the final signed copies of my divorce papers arrived.  I then danced all the way back into the house.

Most recently, my neighbors could hear me squealing at the sight of a giant envelope from "Gurney's", full of garden seeds I had ordered the week before.  Riley thought I was nuts.  That's why he gets to do all the weeding this summer.

I was so excited to open it and see all the brightly colored packages, to lay them out on my table and make a plan for all the fresh veggies we would have very soon and all the flower arrangements I could make to decorate our house.

All the packages were white.  Just like the ones my dad insisted on buying at the old "Northern Seed" store.  I would wander through the store for at least an hour, picking out pretty envelopes full of cosmos and marigolds and sunflowers, and when he was ready to go I would have to put them all back where I had found them, because they were never on "the list".

But at least I'm still single!

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