Friday, February 25, 2011

Battle of the Tater Tots

My sister and I are writing a cookbook.  Yes we are.  Yes, we are.  It's been a 10 year process, but we are finally at the stage where we are ready to commit.  Or be committed, that remains to be seen.  I currently have lost count of what we want to include in it, and am hoping that my typing speed will be an asset to the project.

Our cookbook will feature family recipes handed down for at least 100 years, from great-grandparents and great-great aunts, from friends and spouses and spouse's parents, things our kids have come up with, recipes we have clipped from cookbooks and magazines, with our own little spin on everything.

One of the dishes that all of us seem to make a little bit differently is Tater Tot Hotdish.  Today my sister featured her version on her blog "Oh Fer Cute", and that inspired me to spark a little battle and share my own version.

Our mother would tell us both that we were doing it wrong, but that's what makes cooking fun.  You can add or take away whatever you like, and make things to suit your own taste.  Not including the lima beans that my mom adds to her recipe was a truly inspired and appreciated change.

Let us know if you prefer one over the other.  The winner may just get a bottle of wine.

Here's my version:

Tater Tot Hotdish

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