Sunday, January 30, 2011

Passin' It Down

What would we do without family recipes?  What if each of us had to start from scratch, searching magazines and cookbooks and the internet and compiling our own arsenal of tried and true favorites?

I am so glad I will never have to find out.  In my family, we all like many of the same things, and when we get together, we know what to bring to complement the menu, what dessert would go great at the end of one of our traditional meals, whether it be a fish fry, a ham dinner, or a traditional Thanksgiving meal, even if it's served in January.

Oh the joy of smelling roasting turkey and my Mom's stuffing wafting through the air.  The beans deluxe, the potatoes mashed just right and dredged in gravy, and a side of cranberries, sometimes the jellied kind out of the can with it's naughty little rings still showing, or if my mom's feeling "lazy" the berry variety with just a tickle of jellied mixed in.

Tonight we had this wonderful meal at my brother's house.  He has mastered all of my mom's dishes and even made us one of our family favorite cakes; chocolate cake with white frosting and "mouse turds", which most of you would probably know a little more mildly as chocolate sprinkles.

Oh it was good.  Especially when it was followed by a round of Rummy and some cold beers.

What a treat to enjoy one of our favorite meals in the middle of a long, cold winter.  And an even better treat to share it with family.

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