Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Christmas Miracle

It's been six long years.  Six years of "pretty good" Christmases, going through the motions, doing the present thing, and the dinner thing, and the stockings.  Every Christmas started and ended with a tearful phone call from her, with the undeniable cloud of missing each other hovering over the line.  Thankfully we have such a rare relationship that being apart doesn't matter, we find ways to still make each holiday good even though we can't always be together.  The reasons for her absence have been so very worth it, and I am so proud of the things that she and her hubby have accomplished in both their personal and professional lives.

But this year, a miracle.  She will be home for Christmas, my sweet sister, along with her amazing hubby and my dear nephew.  The planets have aligned in just the right way, the weather is supposed to cooperate, and the bags are being packed to head up north and stay at the House on the Hill.

Extra stockings have been hung.  Special treats have been made.  The tree lights sparkle a little brighter, and each day of waiting for them to get here feels just like being a kid at Christmas again, anxiously ticking off the days.  This year there will be an extra little boy pulling me out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to see what Santa brought, and a really awesome dad, who will emerge from the guest room, scratching his head and rubbing the sleep from his eyes, looking just as excited to watch his nephew open his gifts as he is for his own son.  Best of all will be my big sister to smile with, and drink coffee and cream with, and snuggle on my couch.  Once again.

The magic of Christmas will truly be alive in my home this year.  As I hope it is in yours.

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