Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fur Ball

Just in case you were wondering, Louie is doing just fine.

It took him approximately two minutes to completely take over our house, and our hearts. Yes, he can be a handful. He gets on the counters, drinks from our milk glasses, and attempts to hang from the curtains from time to time. But if you cuddle him just right, and pet him gently, he calms right down and curls up next to you and purrs very, very loudly.

Did I mention that he still has three brothers without a home at our Beltrami Humane Society? I know I told my entire family who was assembled here for Thanksgiving Day. He spent most of it wrapped in a soft blanket being handed around the living room to everyone who wanted to hold him, sleeping the entire time. I imagine he was quite thankful.

Winnie is adjusting. It helps when she has a warm pile of laundry to curl up in.

And if you act like you aren't looking, you might catch them doing this.

Cats put on such a good show of being tough, but they really aren't. Who wouldn't love this guy?

Oh yeah. Spooky. He isn't quite ready to have his picture taken yet. He's still getting used to the idea of another man in the house.

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