Friday, October 2, 2009

You Asked For It

WARNING: You might want to put on your shades before proceeding.

Here is my brother painting Riley's bathroom with "Desert Sand", or Burnt Sienna as he called it. He hates to paint, can you tell?

Here is the room finished. We're just getting started with color, people, so hang on for the ride.

My dad is in the middle of painting the ceilings. He is an EXCELLENT painter. I was somewhat nervous painting around these two as the perfectionism runs down hill. I got quite a bit of it, but let's just say that you will be going back and fixing any mistakes when you are working with these boys.

Here is the kitchen he did later on in "Belgian Waffle". No, Dad, it isn't PEACH!!

Riley took this picture of me painting last night. It will definitely be a color to wake me up in the morning. I'll need to do another coat tonight, I didn't realize that reddish colors usually take more than one coat.

This is a shot of my bedroom leading into my master bathroom, which as I mentioned before is called "Scottish Lassie". My brother said it was just like being at "Sea World". What ever.

The laundry room just outside my bedroom is "Deepest Aqua". It will have all white appliances and really fun floral and striped fabrics. I will actually enjoy doing the laundry, I think.

The living room is right around the corner from the laundry room, you can just tell the chocolate mousse looking color, even thought it's supposed to be "Applesauce Cake", I prefer chocolate mousse. So there.

I saved the best for last. Every house that we ever lived in I have always promised Riley that he could paint his room, but it never happened. Maybe it's because we weren't "allowed" to have color, or to paint anything "weird" colors. But this time it's gonna happen, and in a big way.

I gave him his first lesson with a roller, and I have to say he is a natural. I am pretty sure he will be able to paint to save money for college on his way to becoming a vet if he wants to. He painted all the spots he could reach, and may have did a bit of jumping to get up as high as he could before I finished the tops for him.

He loved it, I imagine because he got to pick out the color and had all the control. My parents were nervous about letting him do it, but I knew he would do a wonderful job.

My mom helped him with the corners and window trim and kept me full of coffee. She's good like that.

Here is Riley's room finished. I bought him a matching bedspread and will be making lots of funky muliti-colored pillows and other accents to complete the look. I will be applying another coat of paint in here as well. As soon as the swelling in my paws goes down.

Now for the flooring...

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Kristi Pohl said...

Bright, cheery, and happy, just like your new life will be. LOVE THE COLORS!!!!