Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Heart of Our Home

When choosing a house plan I wanted one that would place my kitchen smack dab in the center of it all. In my family, it is truly where we gather, connect, eat, drink, and laugh. The plan I found perfectly reflects what I wanted.

My "cabinet guy", Bob, of Cabinets Plus, has been working hard the last two days to put in what I consider the most important part of our home.

Here he is just this morning putting in the bathroom cabinets.

Like most of the boys, he didn't want his picture taken, but I caught him off guard so he didn't have a choice. He does a WONDERFUL job, and my cabinets are absolutely gorgeous.

Here is a full view of the kitchen. There is another pendant light that needs to go in over the kitchen sink. One of the three I got came without the interior workings, but luckily my parents just replaced some lights and had the parts I needed. My sister made a special trip to get this light for me, drove it all the way up to Bemidji, and it was missing parts. I haven't told her yet, I didn't want her to feel bad. Oh wait, she reads this, doesn't she?

This pantry with wonderful pull out drawers sits over on another wall, and the refrigerator will go in the empty spot to the right of it. It won't take long to fill both of them up with all the bargains I have been stockpiling.

This is a view from the kitchen into the living room. I will be able to catch my favorite shows while I cook and bake, and can see out onto the front porch for when visitors arrive.

I had to take pictures of some of my lighting, all of which I purchased at Menard's.

After I had bought everything at Lowes. And then decided to take it back when I found this collection. I think I made the right choice.

The hardwood floors are in...

And the tiling is complete and the trimming is ongoing.

I love my kitchen, but I must say I am awfully excited about this. This came out of my yard when they put in the septic system, and they saved it just for me.

Yes, I am happy about a pile of dirt. It's thick black, cakey dirt that will be spread around our house and the entire front yard to showcase my perennials, the bird house that was handed down to me from my Grandpa Don, and a single crabapple tree in remembrance of my Aunt Sandy who died of breast cancer.

I imagine there will be quite a few deer as well.

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Kristi Pohl said...

the black dirt is like all looks GREAT!!!