Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Boys in the House

Today I want to share pictures with you of my posse, my peeps, my boys. They were so intent on getting their work done yesterday that I had to swear at them a little bit to get their attention long enough for a photo op, but the sheeting still got done, and they are putting on rafters today. The three of them. Without a lifting apparatus of any kind. Here's to hoping that no one breaks a leg...

My sweet nephew, Kaleb. I remember when he was just a bundle of boy rolling around on the floor. When did you get so old, kid? Some little gal is going to be lucky to reel you in some day.

I am already trying to get Riley fired up to work with my brother when he is old enough, unless of course he has given up the construction business and retired to sunny Mexico.

Kaleb may not realize it now, but the stuff he learns from his dad will stay with him his entire life. All of us Hanson kids have been incredibly lucky to have parents, and grandparents, who want to pass on what they know. I blame most of it on this guy...

How many builders actually use a level? On every piece of sheeting? More than once? Hansons are perfectionists, and most of the time that is a good thing. My dad is truly amazing me more every day. He has taken on my house as a huge personal project, and I like to think that he is so gun-ho because I am his little girl and not just because he wants me the heck out of his house already.

Watching these two work together was a hoot and a half. Kaleb was actually jogging between the sheeting pile and the framework. And the chatter between the two of them was like two chefs in the kitchen. My brother is a lucky guy. Speaking of...

The cool thing to have when you're running the nail gun is these headphones with built-in radio. I could have swore at him all day to get him to turn around and he never would have heard me.

Here the boys have made it around the corner and are working on enclosing the front of the house. After today everything will pretty much be protected from all the elements.

These are MY rafters. It says so right down there in the corner.

But I do have to say, it wasn't very nice for the lumber guys to do this. I know that the stress of it all has taken it's toll on me, but really, was this necessary?

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Rachelle said...

Wow~ I love these photos!! I always think of Grandpa Don & Grandma Betty and how proud they would be of their family. You are a great writer, Heather. Thanks for sharing!