Friday, June 5, 2009

Goodbye, 3rd Grade!

What a year it was. My boy, Riley ended up having a really good year in third grade this year, even though he got off to a rough start.

I owe so many thanks to his teacher, Mr. Peterson. For his personal insight about children going through divorce, for his communication, and for always making it known to Riley that he would make time for him to hang out at lunch or whenever he needed to talk. I know when Riley grows up that Mr. Peterson will be remembered fondly as one of his most favorite teachers.

We started out the school year living with Grandma and Grandpa, and we end the school year at the same place, with a new house just over the horizon, or just up the hill in our case. This summer will hold so many fun things for us, picking out paint and appliances, working in our new yard, and making new memories on our very own porch. There will be visits to the beach, fishing with Grandpa, traveling to St. Paul to play with his cousin, and many trips for ice cream. And mosquitos, of course.

Tonight I will be taking him out for his last day of school dinner, just as I do every year. We had cheeseburgers and fries for the first day of school dinner, and I imagine that will also be on the menu for this evening.

Treat your kids to something special this weekend, whether it be a fun meal, a movie, or just throwing the frisbee around the yard. It will be a great way for them to unwind.

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Kristi Pohl said...

You are in for a great summer, give that now 4th grader a big hug from his auntie!