Tuesday, June 9, 2009

And It's All Ours

Riley and I visited our lot the other night to see just what we were in for. The neighbor who sold it to us walked down to introduce her little boy to Riley. Riley is just a few months older than him. I can see them being friends already.

The couple that we bought the lot from had planted many trees, all of which I will save and plant around the lot lines to give us some privacy. I can see taking Riley's picture next to one of these trees in 9 years, just before he leaves for college, and realizing how much both of them have grown, and how fast time went.

As you can see, we are both very happy about our new lot, and the building project to come.

What a great place to start our new life together.

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Kristi Pohl said...

so so so happy for you! can't wait to help you put it all together!!!!