Friday, May 8, 2009

Sundaes at Midnight

I have said before that it shouldn't take a holiday or other marked day on the calendar for us to remember the special people in our lives. So today I am posting twice, once for each of the two most important women in my life. I don't need to schedule it for Mother's Day, because I love them the same on any other day of the year.

She makes it seem like she always takes my side, even when she knows I'm wrong.

She knows the importance of a burger, fries, and a malt, but refuses to dip her fries in the malt.

She knows what to say to heal a broken heart.

She surprised me with my first manicure.

I lost 30 pounds the summer before being her maid of honor, but she would have let me stand up for her anyway and would have just made me a bigger dress.

She never complained when I got sand in her car after she took me to the beach.

She worked three jobs while she was away at college and ate peanut butter and macaroni and cheese to survive, but when I stayed with her she treated me like a queen. We ate fun meals and listened to Linda Rondstadt for ambience. And she always had extra cheese to put on the frozen pizza.

We have seriously different tastes in books and movies, but she tries to get me to like hers anyway.

She gave me her record player when she left for college.

Even with all the time she needed to study, she still wrote me letters and found time to come home to see me.

She gives me her old clothes and kept my son clothed for the first 9 years of his life with really good hand-me-downs.

She bought me fun school supplies every year, even though she could probably barely afford to buy books.

She was honest with me about everything involved in pregnancy and childbirth.

She likes my friends and knows how very much they mean to me.

She hid in her room for many nights one year before Christmas making me a handmade family resembling ours out of felt and fabric, complete with a house and furniture.

She let me have her old Barbie dolls.

She introduced me to the magic of wine, and how to combine it with really good cheese, crackers, olives, and chocolate.

We share warm memories of spending time with our beloved Grandma Betty, as well as some ghostly moments.

She took me to the State Fair for the first time and taught me the wonder of deep fried turkey sandwiches and cold milk.

She always finds me a foot rest and a good magazine when I visit her.

She knows where I like to shop.

She loves my little boy like her own.

She always remembers to send cards, usually homemade ones.

She takes me out for a birthday lunch or dinner every year, even if it's six months late.

We picked pretty leaves, made sandcastles and snow angels. We stopped at the Dairy Queen for marshmallow and creme de menthe sundaes.

She let me stay up late and watch SNL with her when I was little.

She didn't mind that her Christmas was ruined when I was born that morning.

She encourages me to do anything and everything I can possibly dream of.

She tells me she loves me.

Even after working a long shift as a waitress, she was always willing to stay up just a bit longer for sundaes at midnight.

She always has the good Manchego.

She cares about others so much more than herself. Always.

She is proud of me and tells me so.

She is like a mom, but so much more.

I love you, Big Sis.

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Tracy said...

You are an incredible writer and amazing little sister. Happy Mother's Day!