Wednesday, April 8, 2009

What's Up?

As soon as work slows down a bit I look forward to getting back to this blog thing. I had a few minutes at the end of my day to get you all caught up on what's up with Hanson Girl.

My ex and I sold the house that he and I built last summer, we close in a week. Thank God.

He has purchased a new home for his "girlfriend" and her children to which he will be moving. Good for him. If that sounded laden with sarcasm, it's because it is. I don't plan to get into all the details of my completely failed marriage, let's just say I am better off without him and leave it at that.

I have been in a whirlwind of activity since we knew the house was sold a month ago. I started looking at places to buy for Riley and I, since I have him every day, except for every other weekend, and I absolutely love it. There is just so little to choose from in my now very limited price range. brother is a contractor. He didn't build our last house because I knew that it would probably be a bad idea to mix family and business. And it turns out if would have gotten very ugly, since my ex decided to cheat on me two months after we started building. Sorry, I said I was leaving that alone. It's hard to do that when I am still so very bitterly angry about the whole situation.

Anyhoo, he wants to build me a house. My brother, who used to call me names, and tease me incessantly, and make fun of me in front of his friends. Wants to build me a house. I picked a plan. He got bids. It sounds like it's a go if I can only find a reasonably priced lot to build on.

I am in shock. And awe. My brother and I have never had a close relationship, but compared to the one I have with my big sister it could never be compared. She has always been my best friend, my confidante, and always will be. My brother, not so much. We went through the past 15 or so years uttering a few necessary words to each other at family functions, nothing to deep. He just doesn't roll like that. But last week we had a very scary incident in our family, and it seems as though everything has changed, for the better.

My dad ended up in the hospital because of an infection, and they were worried he was having some heart trouble. They flew him in a helicopter to a hospital three hours away from home. I can't even describe to you the fear that ran through my body. As he was in the air, my mom and I, my brother and his wife threw our bags together and made the completely maddening drive to get to him. Long story short, we ended up stuck together in our motel room for a night due to a huge snow storm. A few beers, some rum, and a pizza later, we had rehashed, jokingly, several events that happened over our life times, perhaps sharing a little too much with mom, but she was completely open to the family time and ready for a distraction from worrying about my dad. I knew the topic would swing to my ex, and it did. From the viewpoint of a man that I trust, I was completely enlightened to how much I put up with, was told that I shouldn't be ashamed of anything that happened and that the man I had loved for 13 years wasn't worth my pain. And that there were plenty of men out there who would NEVER dare to treat me the way he had. It's just a bit different when you hear it from a dad, or a brother.

I can't tell him how much it means to me that he has grabbed the bull by the horns and is willing to help make a new home for me and Riley. He would be embarrassed if I gushed to him how I feel, and how unbelievably grateful I am and will always be for him stepping up to the plate. He could have been mad because I didn't have him build for us, but he's not, at least I don't think so. He could have stayed the brother I only see on holidays, but he didn't.

All of my family has been such a Godsend to me in the last two years, and I am so glad that I can now know that my whole family is with me and on my side.

Love each other.

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