Friday, April 24, 2009

I Wish

I just found a post that never posted.

During December of last year. Apparently one of the elves got into the system and prevented me from sharing.

My sentiments have not changed, but the love I feel for the people I mention has grown even stronger over the last year, if that was ever possible.

Here goes...

I'm going to copy your idea, and there's nothing you can do about it. So there.

Obviously I am talking to my sister. I can talk to her like that. She blogged the other day about what she would buy some of her favorite people for Christmas this year if she had unlimited funds. I printed what she wished for me and posted it on my file cabinet at work, where I have been collecting other encouraging and thoughtful emails from friends and family. It reminds me that I'm really not alone.It got me thinking to what I would wish for.

For my sister, I wish days without back pain. I wish for her to wake each morning and be able to jump out of bed, and go for a long walk around her neighborhood. I wish for her to find her dream home, still close to her friends, still close to the store, still close to a good school for my nephew. It will have a huge kitchen where she has room to dance to ABBA and Harry and Ella while she cooks, and a giant dining room to entertain her guests, with gorgeous hutches in which to display all her serving dishes. And all of her plates. Lots of plates. And a special cabinet for placemats and cloth napkins. She will have an enclosed porch beyond the kitchen where she and I can sip wine and eat snacks when I visit her in the summer and the mosquitoes get bad. In the winter she can decorate it for Christmas and sit by the fire with her knitting and drink tea.I would hire her weekly maid service, with a really good person who even cleans behind the toilet, and does things just the way she likes them so she doesn't feel like she has to go behind anyone and do it over. This wonderful person will do her laundry for her in her huge main floor laundry suite, equipped with cute labeled canisters for soap and bleach and what have you, and she will even know how to fold fitted sheets the right way.She and her husband will sell ACES for enough money to have a villa in Italy, a condo in New Mexico, and of course a little place on the Ocean in Hawaii. Okay, that might just be for me. They will be able to send my nephew to Colorado to ski, and put him in whatever school he desires. And of course, she will have regular home massage visits from her favorite masseuse, Josh.

What would I give my mom? Oy vay. Lots of stuff. First off, a new dishwasher, a bigger oven, and a new car. A red car, with a sunroof and a kickin' cassette player, since that's about the extent of her music collection. I would build her and my dad a new one level house, with a porch she can sit on to get her ten minutes of sun a day, and they can drink margaritas and talk about politics and spy on the neighbors. She would have a big cushy chair with an ottoman to sit in and read, and have her prenap before she goes to bed each night. She would have knives that always cut, Tupperware that always has an easy to find matching lid, and a special cupboard for her sandwich bags and plastic wrap so she doesn't have to use her tongs to get them from the cabinet above her refrigerator. Oh, and an ice maker that works. And a freezer with unlimited space before she breaks a toe on the things that fly out of the one she has now.

And today is April 24th, 2009, and the only thing that has changed is that my mom did get that new dishwasher. Sometimes you just take what you can get, and enjoy life anyway.

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