Friday, November 7, 2008

Waitin' for the Snow

We didn't get any snow yet. But it's comin'.

Riley has been bugging me for the last three weeks to go pick out a new sled, we will have to take care of that this weekend. He forgets that we have to get a pretty considerable amount before it's proper sledding snow. This year I actually hope we get a bunch early as we had a ball sledding together last year. I bought myself new snowpants and giant snowboots and I am ready for anything.

This weekend will be spent doing the usual laundry and continuing to pack up things for moving. The new Indiana Jones movie is on the way in the mail, and, if the weather stays tolerable, we may hit up a matinee of "Madagascar 2". Or we may just stay home and snuggle and drink hot chocolate.

Next weekend I will be going back to Grand View Lodge in Baxter with my sister. Shopping, spa treatments, wine by the fire, giggly girl talk, magazines. And chocolate. And cheese. I can't wait. I will definitely be blogging about that trip.

Get out your shovels!

1 comment:

Valerie said...

You're moving? AND going to a SPA? I'm SOO JEALOUS!!!