Wednesday, July 9, 2008

A Weekend Away

Our house is on the market and I have been busy keeping it clean to show it to prospective buyers. If you know here and choose listing number 08-1431 from the featured listings.

Planning for a four day weekend to my sister's in St. Paul. I'm taking my mom with so we can celebrate her 67th birthday on Saturday. It will just be us girls at her house as my nephew and brother-in-law will be away at Cub Scout camp. We aren't going to have any fun at all. We never do.

In case you were wondering, the boys kicked our tushies in the 3rd Annual UFC over the 4th of July weekend. While my dad was getting the boat ready to go fishing my nephew Charlie said, "You guys had better prepare a bucket to cry in." Turd. I am thinking perhaps we should create such a bucket to pass on as a sort of trophy each year, the Hanson Cup perhaps.

At least we were darn cute. I plan to steal the cute hat back from my mom. I got it at a rummage sale, tried to sell it in mine and she took it. Now I want it back again.

I haven't been doing any cookin' at all, but when I am settled again I will get back on the horse. I will probably be camping out with my parents for a time after our house sells, so I should have some good things to share with you from our table.