Monday, May 19, 2008

Windy Schmindy

I certainly wasted time doing my hair.

Saturday was like being up inside the cyclone. I'm not sure what they measured our winds at, but it was nasty.

The following tale will explain to you what a deal freak I am.

When you walk out of Walmart it is always good to have your receipt at the ready, in case they think perhaps you are trying to steal that 20 pound bag of cat food. So I had mine ready, showed it to the gal at the door, and pushed the cart out the door while I was shoving the receipt into my purse. As we walked outside the wind took us, ripped open the top of my purse, and sucked the receipt up into the air. A guy walking in laughed and told me I didn't really need it anymore. What?! Are you kidding? I hadn't yet calculated how much I saved with all the coupons I had used! That is a very important part of my psyche and self worth. It shouldn't be, but it is. I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. What was I to do? We were parked at the very end of the parking lot, and the wind was blowing the opposite way, towards the busy highway.

We jammed our bags in the car, got buckled in, and I turned to Riley and said, "WE ARE GOING TO FIND THAT RECEIPT!"

"Sure, Mom. Whatever."

Is that a challenge, boy?

I knew I would never find it, but I had to try. We drove slowly through the lot, scanning the cars and fences along the way, drove around the corner, and just as I had given up I saw a long piece of white paper stuck in some grass. I squealed around the corner to park and jumped out. It was my receipt! It had traveled probably over 100 feet through a jammed parking lot on a Saturday afternoon, and around a corner, but I found it.

Oh joy and jubliation!

The people walking by thought I was koo-koo.

I am.