Tuesday, May 20, 2008


When you drop something in the bathroom, it will always roll behind the toilet.

If you wash your car, it will rain soon after.

Your child will always sneak the last piece of candy.

If you try to sleep in, you will accidentally set your alarm.

You will spill something on you when you wear white.

If you find a great advertised deal it will probably be sold out when you get there.

Spending time on your hairdo means it will be windy when you go outside.

If you put on sunscreen it will be cloudy.

When you drop your sunglasses or the lid to the whipped topping they will always land face down.

When you get to the end of making a homemade beaded bracelet you will drop it on the floor and have to start over.

You spend a day doing a complicated puzzle, only to find out you are missing one piece.

After you finish decorating the cake, it will fall apart.

If you clean out the litter box your cat will immediately want to use it.

If you need a dollar, you will have 99 cents in your pocket.