Thursday, February 14, 2008

Little Red Haired Girl

Remember when you were little and you so looked forward to the Valentine's Day party at school?

You got to make a special box to put them in, all decorated with construction paper hearts and doilies and whatever else was at hand. Then everyone would walk around and deposit their valentine's to you, some with candy, some with stickers.

Today, the only thing my little boy is thinking about is giving a special girl the tiny box of chocolates he asked his mom to buy for her. He has found his own "little red haired girl" this year, and he is giddy. Our boy has always been popular with the ladies, ever since daycare, and then preschool. Each year I ask him if there is someone special he would like to give something besides just a valentine too. And every year there is a special little girl.

How wonderful to only have one thing to think about, and that it is to give someone something sweet. From the heart.

Today, focus on those you love, and tell them, whether in words, or with a tiny box of chocolates.

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